[Mailman-Users] forwarding messages from one list to another not asattachments

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Dec 11 18:41:13 CET 2007

David Beaumont wrote:

>I'm getting confused.  To clarify, in Mailman 2.1.8 content filtering terms:
>we are 'filtering the content' , 
>we are not 'removing message attachments that have a matching content type' 
>we are 'removing message attachments that don't match multipart/mixed,
>multipart/alternative or text/plain', 
>we are removing message attachments that match exe, bat, cmd,
>com,pif,scr,vbs,cpl ', 
>we are 'collapsing multipart/alternative to its first part content', 
>we are converting text/html parts to plain text.  

We're all getting a bit confused.  First of all, Bard's referring to
multipart mime is correct and is really the crux of the issue, but FAQ
4.39 isn't really helpful in this case.

What is happening is there are two ways to get at the original message
short of accessing it directly on the server. The first is if
admin_immed_notify is Yes, the message is included in the notice to
the admin. The second is to 'forward' the message from the web admindb

In the first of these cases, the original message is an 'attachment'
(i.e. a MIME message/rfc822 part) to the message sent/received. A
'forwarded' message is a bit trickier. Concentrating on that for a
moment, the message contains the original message as a message/rfc822
body type. This is done to preserve the headers of the original

In other words, the original message is forwarded something like an
attachment, but there is only one 'attached' part and it is the
message/rfc822 original message.

Thus, you can simply forward the message from the admindb interface to
another list, but the receiving list must accept content of type

So you can add 'message/rfc822' to pass_mime_types.

Then your issue is when you forward the post to list_2, it will be from
'list_1-bounces at example.com' instead of the original sender, and it
will have subject "Forward of moderated message" instead of the
original subject so this really isn't a satisfactory option. What you
really want is the ability to 'bounce' or 'resend' the message from
the admindb interface to anothe address, but this ability doesn't

So then the alternative is to forward the message to yourself, or just
use the original held message notice if you got one, open that message
with a sufficiently mime capable MUA (mail user agent, aka mail
client), select the part which is the original message and resend that
to list_2. With an MUA such as Mutt for example, this is fairly easy.
With Outlook, it may be impossible.

One final note. With your content filtering settings, converting HTML
to plain text won't happen. If you want to accept an HTML only message
and convert it to plain text, you have to add text/html to

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