[Mailman-Users] aliasing for another domain

Paul opensource at unixoses.com
Thu Dec 13 04:46:47 CET 2007

I have been hosting a some mailman list for years now, and now we are
looking into getting the list from list at mydomain.com to
list at newdomain.com.

Here are some specifics:
The new domain already has a mail server and hosting web pages.

My idea is like like this.  I've tested it and it seems to work fine, but
am wondering if there is a more correct way.

* Make an mx record at "newdomain.com", such as "list.newdomain.com", and
give the new mx record the "mydomain" IP address.

* Add "list.newdomain.com" in my mx virtual domain table.

* Add all mailman's aliases in my mx's virtual table.

* Change the "Host name this list prefers for email" line in the "general
options page" to "list.newdomain.com".

My questions are:

Is there an easier way to alias all of mailman's aliases, such as for
admin, bounces, confirm, join, leave, owner, request, subscribe,

Also, the web interface will still be at "mydomain.com", which should not
be a problem, I guess a cname could be done for "list.newdomain.com", but
then I don't want to have that much control over that subdomain, just mx
for it.

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