[Mailman-Users] aliasing for another domain

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Dec 13 05:44:03 CET 2007

On 12/12/07, Paul wrote:

>  My idea is like like this.  I've tested it and it seems to work fine, but
>  am wondering if there is a more correct way.
>  * Make an mx record at "newdomain.com", such as "list.newdomain.com", and
>  give the new mx record the "mydomain" IP address.
>  * Add "list.newdomain.com" in my mx virtual domain table.
>  * Add all mailman's aliases in my mx's virtual table.

Depending on your MTA and how the aliases are generated for 
integration with your MTA, this step may not be necessary.

If you're going to have all the same lists with the same names in 
both domains, then you don't need to have virtual domain support 
within Mailman, just have the MTA recognize "list.newdomain.com" as a 
name that it should treat as "local".  At that point, the same system 
aliases for the old domain will now function for 
"list.newdomain.com", and you shouldn't need to do anything else with 
the aliases.

>  Is there an easier way to alias all of mailman's aliases, such as for
>  admin, bounces, confirm, join, leave, owner, request, subscribe,
>  unsubscribe?

If you're going to use the virtual alias table interface, then I 
don't see an easier way around this problem.  If you use local 
aliases instead (which only have a "local" address portion leaving 
off the host/domain part), then you should be fine.

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