[Mailman-Users] Basic bounce processing question

Michael Kabot mkabot at soarol.com
Thu Dec 13 06:17:05 CET 2007

Follow up question on the below suggestion.

In this configuration if a user replies, they will be replying to the
-bounces address which will then send email to the Admin - not the entire

How do I configure the list to use the "basename", without the -bounces, in
the Sender: field?



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| >Is there anyway to turn the bounce processing score feature off,
| prevent
| >bounces from going back to list members, but still have bounce
| messages go
| >the list owner?
| You do this in the MTA. If the MTA has an alias like:
| listname-bounces: "|/path/to/mail/mailman bounces listname"
| You change it to
| listname-bounces: "|/path/to/mail/mailman owner listname"
| If the MTA uses some other kind of routing for Mailman, you do the
| equivalent thing.
| Note that bounces from RFC compliant MTAs will always be returned to
| the listname-bounces address (the envelope sender). That address is
| also put in Sender: and Errors-To: headers in the outgoing mail to
| help non-compliant MTAs get it right. Still, there are non-compliant
| MTAs that will return bounces to the From: or other header address.
| There's nothing Mailman can do about that.
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