[Mailman-Users] accept_these_nonmembers not working

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Dec 16 22:08:34 CET 2007

On 12/16/07, Cyndi Norwitz wrote:

>  Now, now, I think an ISP disabling mass subscribe for its hundreds
>  (thousands?) of users it doesn't know personally is pretty reasonable.

Fair enough, but if they're going to make modifications then it's up 
to them to provide all the necessary support for the product they're 
offering to their customers.

>  After all, most Mailman users install it on their own servers, so obviously
>  they trust themselves.  As far as I can tell, the rest of the setup is
>  pretty standard.

Mailman was never intended to be used in a service provider 
environment.  To the extent it is, the onus of providing all support 
for the product as installed falls upon the service provider.  It's 
not really fair for them to install something and then take a 
completely hands-off attitude towards supporting it.

You wouldn't buy a car from a dealer who was unwilling to do any 
repairs or warranty work, but who instead forced you to ship the 
vehicle back to the manufacturer every time.  I don't see any 
difference here.

We try to be as helpful as we can, but we really shouldn't be the 
support department for every single ISP in the world who wants to 
install our software but who then can't be bothered to provide any 
local support.

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