[Mailman-Users] umbrella lists

Douglas B. Jones douglas at gpc.edu
Tue Feb 6 22:03:51 CET 2007

I am using "Using Mailman version: 2.1.5" on rhel4 (what comes
with the box). I am want to set up a list, call it U1, that is
an umbrella list to list L1, L2 and some individual subscribers
S1 and S2. Can an umbrella list be set up this way, or is all
or nothing - ie: all the subscribers are either list or they
are all individual subscribers. If both can be on there, do I
list the sublists as (L1 and L2) as L1-owner and L2-owner? I would
want password reminders and such to go to S1 and S2 but not to
L1 or L2 (although L1-owner and L2-owner would be ok). Also would
want email from U1 to post to L1 lists, but would want L2 to
decide if the post should go through. Is this possible? Thanks!

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