[Mailman-Users] umbrella lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Feb 8 01:50:00 CET 2007

Douglas B. Jones wrote:
>I am using "Using Mailman version: 2.1.5" on rhel4 (what comes
>with the box). I am want to set up a list, call it U1, that is
>an umbrella list to list L1, L2 and some individual subscribers
>S1 and S2. Can an umbrella list be set up this way, or is all
>or nothing - ie: all the subscribers are either list or they
>are all individual subscribers.

There's nothing magic about umbrella lists. All the umbrella list
designation does is append '-owner' (or whatever suffix you choose) to
the local part of the recipient address of various administrative
messages - in particular, password reminders.

You can have both lists and individuals as members of a list, but it
isn't clean.

>If both can be on there, do I
>list the sublists as (L1 and L2) as L1-owner and L2-owner?

No. The sublists have to be L1 and L2 or the posts from U1 will not be
sent to the list members.

>I would
>want password reminders and such to go to S1 and S2 but not to
>L1 or L2 (although L1-owner and L2-owner would be ok).

This is the unclean part. If you declare U1 to be an umbrella list,
password reminders will be sent to S1-owner and S2-owner which is
probably not satisfactory. If U1 is not an umbrella list, then
password reminders will be sent to L1 and L2. You can always turn off
periodic reminders for these (list) members, but that doesn't stop
someone from requesting a password via web or email which then gets
mailed to the list.

>Also would
>want email from U1 to post to L1 lists, but would want L2 to
>decide if the post should go through. Is this possible? Thanks!

This part is easy. You set L1 and L2 (and U1) to
require_explicit_destination. You add U1 to acceptable_aliases for L1,
but not for L2. Then posts relayed from U1 to L2 will be held for
implicit destination and require moderator approval.

In many cases, you need to add U1-bounces as a member of L1 and L2 with
delivery disabled so that posts to U1 are not held by L1 and L2 as
being from a non-member. You could omit this for L2, and posts to L2
from U1 would be held for that reason.

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