[Mailman-Users] Shell that moves admins to moderators, change admin and moderator passwd

Cat cat at burningman.com
Thu Feb 8 03:06:21 CET 2007


not sure anyone will have use for this, but I'm submitting it just in case.

I had to do the following on 100+ lists:

for each list:

the administrator(s) becomes moderator(s)
a new administrator is added
change administrator's password
change moderator's password

the list of affected lists is in a file named reglists
/home/cat/wk is a directory where I store previous admins lists
/home/cat/cfg is a directory where I build the new config file to run on the

for i in `cat /home/cat/reglists`
   echo $i
   # create list of administrators
   /usr/sbin/list_admins $i | awk -F: '{print $3;}' | sed -e "s/,/\n/g" |sed
"s/^ //" > /home/cat/wk/$i

   # create new configfile
   echo "# -*- python -*-" > cfg/$i
   echo "# -*- coding: us-ascii -*-" >>cfg/$i

   # new moderators
   MOD="moderator = ["
   for j in `cat wk/$i`; do MOD="$MOD'$j',"; done
   echo $MOD |sed -se "s/,$/]/"  >>cfg/$i

   # new administrator
   echo "owner = ['newadmin at yourmom.com']" >> cfg/$i

   # new passwords
   echo "import sha" >> cfg/$i
   echo "mlist.password = sha.new('newadminpasswde').hexdigest()" >> cfg/$i
   echo "mlist.mod_password = sha.new('newmoderatorpasswd').hexdigest()" >>

   # apply config file
   /usr/lib/mailman/bin/config_list -i cfg/$i $i


thanks to Mark for helping me figuring out the change of passwords in the
config file

Burning Man Sysadmin Team

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