[Mailman-Users] Challenge/response

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Fri Feb 9 04:02:55 CET 2007

Quoting Brad Knowles (brad at shub-internet.org):
> At 1:40 PM -0800 2/8/07, Bob Morse wrote:
> >                     He would like to set up a challenge/response mechanism
> >  so that when xyz at domain.com posts to the list, xyz at domain.com gets sent a
> >  copy of the message and must confirm that he/she was the sender before it
> >  gets posted. I don't see any configuration in Mailman for this. Is it
> >  possible?
> Challenge/response is one of the most vile inventions that has ever 
> been applied to the concept of Internet e-mail.  I would violently 
> oppose any integration of such features into any project I was 
> involved with.

Somebody should integrate PGP signing into Mailman (as an option) so that
you could set it up so when you subscribe to a list you give it your
public key, and you can't post to the list unless the message is PGP
signed by that key.

Digital signatures on email is something that is extremely overdue.  PGP
signatures have been grafted on in a half-assed way, but someday either no
mail will travel unless it's been correctly signed or email will disappear
as a viable means of communication because of the spam problem.

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