[Mailman-Users] User with same name of a mailman list not receivinge-mails

Centro de Apoio Técnico da APM cat at apm.pt
Fri Feb 9 14:14:18 CET 2007


My MTA is Postfix and I have other lists running of the same  
mailinglist.domain.com just fine.
The problem here is that I have a user in my server that has mail  
running in the domain.com and a list with the same name of that user  
running in mailinglist.domain.com. And now the user wont receive the  

My point is: how can I prevent the messages sent to user at domain.com  
going to the list?


On 2007/02/07, at 20:43, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Centro de Apoio Técnico da APM wrote:
>> The problem is this:
>> I have a user with mail account and a mailing-list running in Mailman
>> with the same name of the user.
>> The email for example is this <user at domain.com> and the e-mail of the
>> list is this <user at mailinglistsubdomain.com>.
>> When I send a message to the <user at domain.com>, the message is
>> relayed to the list (but not posted) and not to the local box. If I
>> send a message to the list there is no problem.
>> How can I resolve this?
>> I mean, I want the user to receive the message. Pure and simple.
>> Xserve   Mac OS X (10.3.9)
> This is a question better directed to support resources for your MTA.
> The answer depends on what MTA you are using and perhaps other things,
> but you have to recognize the different domains in your MTA and only
> pipe to Mailman that mail which is addressed to the mailing list
> domain.
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