[Mailman-Users] Approved: <password>

Dave Filchak dfilchak at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 11 01:10:29 CET 2007

Thanks for the reply. I am using Thunderbird and wanting to send html 
email to Mailman. I looked through the instructions on how to add a 
custom header and I am sad to say ... I don't get it. Any chance you can 
walk me through it? I have opened about:config but I am not sure what I 
am supposed to put in there and really don't want to screw up the install.



Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Dave Filchak wrote:
>> I am trying to post to a one way (announce only) list using a user whose 
>> moderation bit is set, but am using the method described in the FAQ i.e. 
>> adding Approved: <password> to the first line of the body, with a 
>> carriage return and blank line after it. It keeps rejecting it with the 
>> standard "Sorry, this is an announce only list ...etc etc. Can someone 
>> tell me if this still works and how and perhaps how I add this to the 
>> header rather than the body?
> Yes, it works. Possible things that might be wrong are:
> the password - it must be the list's admin or moderator password;
> neither the site password nor a member's password will work, and it
> must not have angle brackets around it.
> the format of the post - if the post is HTML, the Approved: line in the
> body won't work. The Approved: line must be the first non-blank line
> in the first text/plain part of the message. If it is, it is removed
> from that part and an attempt is made to remove it from all other text
> parts of the message, but the removal from other parts is not
> guaranteed to work.
> In general, if the post is simple plain text, or multipart/alternative
> with text/plain and text/html alternatives, the Approved: line will
> work and it will usually be removed from both parts of a
> multipart/alternative message, but it can be left in the text/html
> part under some circumstances.
> If the Approved: line is an actual header rather than a body line, it
> will always be recognized and removed regardless of the MIME structure
> of the message. How to add such a header or if it is even possible
> depends on the user agent (mail client) used to compose and send the
> mail. You used Thunderbird to send this post. See
> <http://kb.mozillazine.org/Custom_headers> for information on adding
> custom headers with Thunderbird.

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