[Mailman-Users] OT Approved: <password>

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Feb 11 02:21:22 CET 2007

Dave Filchak wrote:

>Thanks for the reply. I am using Thunderbird and wanting to send html 
>email to Mailman. I looked through the instructions on how to add a 
>custom header and I am sad to say ... I don't get it. Any chance you can 
>walk me through it? I have opened about:config but I am not sure what I 
>am supposed to put in there and really don't want to screw up the install.

In about:config scroll down to mail.compose.other.header which probably
says Status->default, Type->string and Value will be empty.
Right-click that line (or control-click if you don't have a
multi-button mouse), select 'modify' from the context menu and then
enter 'Approved' (without quotes and without a colon) in the dialog
box and click OK.

Note that there might already be headers listed in the value of
mail.compose.other.header if you have added any customized headers to
any filters. If this is the case, just add Approved to the end of the
list separated by a comma and no spaces.

Then, when you are composing mail, if you click the down arrow you use
to select To:, Cc:, etc. for addresses, you will be able to select
Approved:. Do that and type the password on that line where you would
normally type an email address.

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