[Mailman-Users] Plain text message arrives with wrong encoding

Paul Navarre pnavarre at netinteraction.com
Fri Feb 16 04:33:33 CET 2007

I have a client who is receiving messages from a Mailman list I run that 
aren't showing up as expected. The list is supposed to be converting to 
plain text and this works fine for me (I use Thunderbird). My client on 
the other hand was getting the messages with a non-plain text font. She 
uses Outlook. After much fumbling around I noticed that the encoding of 
these messages are reported as Central European by Outlook. If I 
manually change the encoding on these messages to West European the 
messages look as I would expect.

I cannot figure out why these messages are showing up with Central 
European encoding. All of the settings in Outlook are set to what I 
would expect for a US user. I can't find anything that would point to 
Outlook converting the message to Central European encoding. The same 
message received by me in Thunderbird show up correctly with Western 

She is also receiving messages from other sources and they are showing 
up with the correct plain text font as set in Outlook. In seems that she 
is only having problems with messages from my Mailman server.

Does anybody have any guesses as to what might be happening?


Paul Navarre

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