[Mailman-Users] Moderated message missing top lines

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Feb 16 17:34:55 CET 2007

Glen Page wrote:

>Not sure if this is related by I got an odd message from one of my  
>moderators. At least one list subscriber is getting messages but the  
>top half of the messages is gone. This is puzzling as it is not  
>happening to everyone on the list. I do NOT know what client is  
>displaying the partial messages. I do know that the moderator sending  
>the messages is using OS X Mail Client.
>Moderator has found that adding a few carriage returns to the top of  
>the original post makes it show up fine.

Is the moderator editing the post in some way? It seems perhaps the
moderator is somehow editing the post, perhaps using one of the
techniques in
and is not separating the body of the edited messages fron the headers
by at least one empty line. Note that an empty line is different from
a blank line in that an empty line contains no characters while a
blank line may contain spaces, tabs or other whitespace characters.

If the body is not separated from the headers by an empty line, the
first portion of the body up to the first empty line in the body will
be considered part of the headers.

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