[Mailman-Users] List email domain versus archive / web admin domain.

Alan Gutierrez alan at blogometer.com
Sun Feb 18 13:14:58 CET 2007

I've just moved my mail server to a new server. I used to run my lists 
on the same server where I hosted web sites, so that I was able to have 
the following.

bloggers at thinknola.com

The website thinknola.com will stay at the current machine.

My users are not terribly savvy and I don't want to change things too 
much. They should not have to adjust their address books. Links can 

I tried using mod_proxy, but that meant that the mailman CGI was unable 
to determine the hostname, and therefore, did not provide for listings 
of hosted lists in /mailman/listinfo

Google recommends this solution:


Is this the preferred recipe?

Incidentally, the layout of this list...

mailman-users at python.org

Would be okay. I'm wondering if it doesn't follow the recipe in the link 

Alan Gutierrez
504 717 1428 - alan at blogometer.com - http://blogometer.com/
Think New Orleans - http://thinknola.com/

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