[Mailman-Users] Confirmation and sent messages not reachingend-user

Jason Luck jfl1 at duke.edu
Sat Feb 24 02:34:00 CET 2007

On Fri, 23 Feb 2007, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Jason Luck wrote:
> >
> >I didn't know enough to look into the specific log files that gave me the 
> >information until I had started this thread.  6.14 looks helpful.  But I 
> >looked in resolv.conf and have the following:
> >
> >; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
> >search localdomain
> >nameserver
> >nameserver
> >
> >...the nameserver info is for my domain...is the search localdomain the 
> >issue?
> I think the issue was the lack of a 'localhost' entry in /etc/hosts.
> When you added that, did anything change? Can you now 'telnet
> localhost 25'?

yes. I can telnet to localhost 25.

> If Mailman still can't send, have the log messages changed in
> smtp-failure?

I just checked my mail and both confirmations, one for the mailman list 
and one for the test list have hit my external business mailbox.  Also, 
the subscription request for the test list has also hit my mailbox.

6.14 has seemingly helped out a bit.  I've changed a few things and to be 
honest am not completely sure at what time things started flowing.

I used python for the first time...and did the following and got the 
following result

>>> import smtplib
 >>> connection = smtplib.SMTP()
 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.4/smtplib.py", line 255, in __init__
    addr = socket.gethostbyname(socket.gethostname()) 
 socket.gaierror: (-2, 'Name or service not known')

I suppose no surprise...I then checked the resolv.conf and that was the 
previous message.

Then I did the following per  6.14...

>>> import socket
 >>> x = socket.gethostname()
 >>> print x
 >>> y = socket.gethostbyname(x)
 >>> print y

...In my reponses, for x I obtained what I had been locally calling my 
machine, but not what my static IP is known as to the outside world.  When 
I attempted the *y=* line I received no response.  After making the 
appropriate hostname changes the above python routine connected the IP to 
the name of the machine.

Another problem though...it looks like I am...
(a) able to create lists
(b) receive notification emails about the creation of lists
(c) able to subscribe to lists
(d) receive notification about subscribing to a lists

...but...I'm not able to...

(a) receive any email when posted to a list I'm subscribed to.
(b) and there is not record in the archives of these messages.
(c) I've checked the following logs...maillog, smtp, smtp-failure and they 
are not posting anything.

It seems as though the messages may have left my external email, but never 
reached my local MTA or mailman?

Listed below is a message I received from my business email side...

The original message was received at Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:34:05 -0500
from localhost.localdomain []

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
<test at falconfootball.org>... Deferred: Connection refused by
Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

    [ Part 2: "Delivery Status" ]

Reporting-MTA: dns; [business email]
Arrival-Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 12:34:05 -0500

Final-Recipient: RFC822; test at falconfootball.org
Action: delayed
Status: 4.4.1
Remote-MTA: DNS; falconfootball.org
Last-Attempt-Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 16:35:54 -0500

Any ideas...I've looked through all of the titles on the FAQs and don't 
see anything about not receiving emails and also not having anything in 
the log files.  Also, per the initial messages that started this 
discussion, I've run through all of the 3.14 FAQs and all seems to be 
working as best as I can decipher working means by the info in the FAQ.



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