[Mailman-Users] line breaks

Sean sean at sweetbourbon.com
Mon Feb 26 16:50:34 CET 2007

This is probably an old topic to this list but I'm at a loss of how to
explain the issue to some my mailman list users.

Basically, they report messages coming through the list with odd line
breaks.  For example:

 This is the text of their message.  After it is received from the list it
 a line break so that some lines only contain one word and a new line

They feel it is the list doing this as they report the message looks fine
when they send it to themselves.

As I understand it has to do with the display system and how the mail is
composed.  Some mail clients will send the paragraph as one long line with
a line break at the end of it, while some mail clients put a new line at
the end of each line.  Then the display system may have less columns than
than where the new line is placed at and thus results in the mangled

Does that sound right?  Any feedback on the issue is welcomed and


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