[Mailman-Users] sendmail and solaris stuff

vancleef at lostwells.net vancleef at lostwells.net
Wed Feb 28 04:44:29 CET 2007

The esteemed Barry Warsaw has said:
> Thanks Hank.  I haven't used Sendmail in 20 years, so if there is  
> some specific text you'd like to see added (or preferably a patch to  
> the latex file), please feel free to send it directly to me and I'll  
> push up a doc update.
Barry (and Mark)

Just to acknowledge your note.  I am installing Mailman on a Solaris
10 cold O/S install, and am right at the point in the install manual
where I have to configure sendmail to work with Mailman.  This is the
fourth or fifth time I've gone through the process, so as they say in
the automotive trades, I'm "able to make flat rate."  

Since you guys aren't working with either Sendmail or Solaris, I think
it would be best for me to walk through and record the entire process,
and give that to you as a basis for inclusion where and however you
want to use it.  

I'll note that the sendmail.org faq on setting up virtual domains is
broken, and while the bat book covers doing it, the discussion is not
complete.  I think that including the relevant part of the main.mc
file, as well as the configuration of the local-domain-name file 
(known as the "cw file"), to give the novice admin. all of what is
needed to set up a virtual domain system might be wise.  That would
save you guys from having to answer FAQ questions constantly. 

Mark, I still owe you a how-to on moving an existing list to a new
host.  Your notes on my first stab at it made clear that I was
overcomplicating things.  


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