[Mailman-Users] Read Receipt uncaught bounces was: (no subject)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 4 01:37:44 CET 2007

Whitcomb, Jeff wrote:
>When someone sends an email with a read receipt request to a list that I
>own, I get a lot of uncaught bounce notifications (I have attached one
>for reference).

And the list's content filtering removed it.

>I am wondering if there is any way I can stop getting
>all these Read Receipt messages when people send an email to a Mailman
>list, without turning off bounce processing all together.

This is just one more reason why "Read Receipts" are bad.

If possible, train your users not to request receipts for list mail.
What do they think they are going to get anyway?

It would be fairly simple to implement header_filter_rules for your
list (admin->Privacy options->Spam filters->header_filter_rules) that
would reject any post that asked for a receipt.

You could also not send unrecognized bounces to the list owner.
Automated bounce processing will still be done, but unrecognized
bounces will be discarded. See admin->Bounce

>I tried just
>filtering them in Outlook, but you can't filter on an attachment name.
>I do currently have all of the bounce notifications going to a folder,
>but would like to either stop getting these particular ones, or be able
>to further filter them into another folder.

What happens is at least some of your list subscribers (via their MUAs)
are returning receipts to the envelope sender. This may or may not be
correct. I don't know how these things are supposed to work.

In an OOB Mailman, you can't differentiate these 'unrecognized bounces'
from any other unrecognized bounces

I think your best solution if you have access to the Mailman
installation and you don't want to train the users is to implement a
custom handler (see
to remove all headers that request receipts or acknowledgements from
the list posts.

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