[Mailman-Users] Read Receipt uncaught bounces was: (no subject)

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jan 4 01:54:15 CET 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>I think your best solution if you have access to the Mailman
>installation and you don't want to train the users is to implement a
>custom handler (see
>to remove all headers that request receipts or acknowledgements from
>the list posts.

I just looked at the existing Mailman/Handlers/Cleanse.py handler with
the thought of creating an example of a custom handler to remove
receipt requests, and I was reminded that we already try to remove any
headers that request this. This is what we currently do.

    # Some headers can be used to fish for membership
    del msg['return-receipt-to']
    del msg['disposition-notification-to']
    del msg['x-confirm-reading-to']
    # Pegasus mail uses this one... sigh
    del msg['x-pmrqc']

So the question is, what header(s) are your users using to request
receipts that aren't among those above? Tell us what they are, and we
will remove them effective with Mailman 2.1.10.

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