[Mailman-Users] Sender Name in message

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Mon Jan 8 22:43:41 CET 2007

liquid at nationalcomfortinstitute.com wrote:
> I'm running Mailman 2.1.5
> I've looked through the archives and have yet to find an answer to this.
> I'm running an anonymous discussion list. The list is setup so replies  
> are by directed back to the list.
> I would like to be able to add the senders/posters name (the  
> (optional) name that is in the system) to the header, message or footer.
> I want it this way to dummy proof the list by forcing a signature.
> Any way this can be done?
> Jeff
    You might want to read FAQ 3.15 as a start.  It tells you how to 
enable personalization on an installation, and how to set it up per 
list.  Once enabled, you can click on any of the 'about' links when 
you're browsing the admin site for your list and it gives you pointers 
on how to add personalized messages to the message.

    Do keep in mind that you're taking a performance hit with 
personalization.  So be careful with that.

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