[Mailman-Users] us-ascii problem with new install in Ubuntu(SOLVED)

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Jan 10 20:42:28 CET 2007

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On Jan 10, 2007, at 2:26 PM, Barry Finkel wrote:

> I read the entire bug page trail, and I am trying to understand it.
> I looked at my 2.1.9 source test installation (on Solaris 10, where I
> installed into /opt/mailman), and I see things in the
>      /opt/mailman/pythonlib
> directory.  What is the purpose of the files found therein?  If these
> are needed by Mailman, how can Ubuntu/Debian not supply them?  I am
> trying to understand what is happening (so that I can convince
> others here that I need to install from the source and not from the
> Ubuntu package).

The only reason I can think for U/D to not include that directory is  
that they are sure that the Python they depend Mailman on already has  
the email package and codecs that live in pythonlib.  The purpose of  
pythonlib is to provide compatibility between Python versions which  
might have older versions of the email lib or might be missing the  

It's not strictly required to have pythonlib, and should be possible  
to run without it, but I'm not sure why you would, unless you feel  
that you're tracking patches in the dependent packages better than  
the Mailman project is.  I don't see how it can hurt to have the  
pythonlib that Mailman normally installs.

- -Barry

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