[Mailman-Users] Compulsory username when subscribing

Dan MacNeil dan at thecsl.org
Mon Jan 15 18:57:45 CET 2007

not top posting see below.

> emmexx wrote:
>> Is it possible to make the username field compulsory when subscribing by 
>> web page?
>> p.s. I can't access the server files

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Then the answer is No. You would have to modify the script that
> processes the form.
> You can edit the template for the list's listinfo page via the admin
> web interface. You could do things like remove the "(optional)"
> notation from the "Your name" entry, but given the way the form is
> created from the template, I don't think you could actually require an
> entry in that field.

 From a quick look at the template in 2.1.9, it looks like you can stick 
some javascript in to require that Names be submitted. Obviously, this 
won't work if the user doesn't have javascript enabled, but javascript 
beats a stick in the eye.

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