[Mailman-Users] domain in attached file url

ArteryPlanet.Net :: Manuel Kissoyan manuel at arteryplanet.net
Sun Jan 21 18:34:02 CET 2007

I have the scrub list attatchment option turned on for this mailing lists so 
when an attatchment is sent to the list rather than emailing it to the 
subscribers, it creates a link at the bottom of the message that you are 
supposed to be able to click on and it downloads it via web browser.  It 
used to work fine but for some reason lately it doesnt format the link 
correctly.  In other words, its not adding the domain name to the front of 
the link.  A person has to copy and paste the link then manually add the 
domain to the front.  Here is an example:

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Any idea what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance! 

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