[Mailman-Users] mailman install problem

Piniella, David A DPiniella at med.miami.edu
Tue Jan 23 23:11:40 CET 2007


Hmmm, that didn't work. Same error about no cc...

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The esteemed Piniella, David A has said:
> I have actually already renamed the /usr/ucb/cc (to cc_old) and
modified my path (specifically for the install):
> bash-3.00# which gcc
> /opt/csw/gcc3/bin/gcc
> bash-3.00# which cc
> no cc in /usr/local/sbin /opt/csw/sbin /opt/sfw/sbin /opt/sbin 
> /usr/sbin /sbin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /opt/bin /bin /usr/openwin/bin

> /opt/csw/bin /opt/sfw/bin /usr/apache/bin /opt/csw/gcc3/bin 
> /usr/ccs/bin
> bash-3.00#
> I'm still getting the same "unable to execute cc" error. I really
don't understand it; would there be any cached info?

Hokay! Here's the deal.  I have just walked this question through with a
junk Mailman 2.1.9 tree.  This tree was originally build using Studio 11
cc.  I took the pointer to that out of my PATH, ran a make clean, and
ran configure.  It crashed at what appears to be the same point yours

Then I ran a make distclean, and reran configure.  That ran to
completion properly.  Followed that up with a make, although that
doesn't compile the stuff in the misc directory.  However, checking that
makefile it has CC=gcc.

I'll suggest that you start over with a make distclean and a new


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