[Mailman-Users] Level's of list admin?

Spyro Polymiadis spyropolymiadis at kromestudios.com
Thu Jan 25 02:46:52 CET 2007

Tom Kavanaugh wrote:
> Hello,
> My mail list is running for over a year now.
> Most of my mail lists are for projects, and these projects have Project
> Managers.
> I am considering handing over tasks like adding/deleting users to Project
> Managers.
> Making these Project Managers as list moderators does not give them access
> to add/delete users.
> Is there a way to give them this access. I do not want to make them list
> admin's.
> Like a lower level of list admin, where they cannot change any list
> parameter. But, just be able to add/remove users.
> Thanks
> Tom

This is a great question - I too am looking for the exact same thing...

Cheers :)

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