[Mailman-Users] Problem with explicit destination

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jan 26 21:53:39 CET 2007

Julia Frizzell wrote:
>However, some mail still gets through. For example, this came in:
>> To: <info at alliancecoatings.com>
>But we're not alliancecoatings.com

What about Cc:?

If your list's  require_explicit_destination is set to Yes, a post
should be held if the list posting address or an address in the list's
acceptable_aliases does not appear in a To: or Cc: header of the post.

The only thing that would bypass this is an Approved: header with the
list's admin or moderator password.

If posts are not being held in your case, please provide Mailman
version, settings for require_explicit_destination and
acceptable_aliases, and the complete headers of the post, and we'll
try to figure it out.

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