[Mailman-Users] List name stripped from subject header - how toprevent/workaround this?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jan 26 22:21:02 CET 2007

Jacob Sam-La Rose wrote:
>I've recently configured a mailman mailing list.  Among other things,  
>I've been thrown by the fact that any time I mention the name of the  
>list in the "subject:" of an email, it gets stripped.  The public  
>name for the list is FYI, the prefix for the subject line is FYI -  
>and if I write FYI anywhere in the subject line, it's automatically  
>removed.  I don't often mention the name of the list, but it'd be  
>good to know what to do if I need to.

Multiple occurrences of subject_prefix in the subject are replaced with
just one occurrence at the beginning of the subject to prevent 'build
up' in replies.

If you configure subject_prefix with brackets (e.g. [FYI]) as is
conventionally done for prefixes, unbracketed FYI should not be

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