[Mailman-Users] Finding the recipients for a given archived email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jan 27 03:41:13 CET 2007

Kelly Jones wrote:

>I have a mailing list whose membership changes frequently. I want to
>find out who received a two-month-old email in the archives. In other
>words, I want to know the list membership at the time that message was

I'm assuming you don't care about regular vs digest which you can't
track because changes aren't logged.

>I believe (not sure) that the vette(?) log keeps track of
>subscribes/unsubscribes, so I could theoretically reconstruct the
>list, starting with the current membership and working backward. Is
>this possible? Is there an easier way?

It's the subscribe log, but yes you can get the subscribes and
unsubscribes and work backwards. Address changes currently aren't
logged (they will be in 2.2), but that may not be significant for your

No, I don't know an easier way unless you have a backup somewhere of
the list's config.pck from the date of interest. If you do, you could
use bin/dumpdb to get the information.

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