[Mailman-Users] virtual domain setup with postfix

David Newman wo_shi_big_stomach at mac.com
Tue Jan 30 00:50:31 CET 2007

MM 2.1.9, Postfix 2.3.5, cyrus-imap 2.3.7, all on FreeBSD 6.1 installed from ports

Postfix already handles mail for multiple virtual domains defined in a MySQL database. I believe virtual domain setup is OK, as individual users have been sending and receiving mail for some time.

Having problems with Mailman, though. I've read these instructions many times:


Besides doing what's listed there, I also defined a virtual mailbox for a new "pctest" list (without that, mail sent to pctest at virt1.tld bounces).

However, MM never distributes the mail to list subscribers. /var/log/maillog says each message is sent to pctest at virt1.tld; however, the only files in /usr/local/mailman/logs that change are smtp and subscribe (and then only when list members are added).

Basically, postfix delivers message to pctest at virt1.tld but nothing happens after that.

Thanks in advance for clues on fixing this.


from virtual-mailman (note that I have run postmap on this and restarted mailman and postfix multiple times, but no joy):
# STANZA START: pctest
# CREATED: Mon Jan 29 15:05:35 2007
pctest at virt1.tld              pctest    
pctest-admin at virt1.tld        pctest-admin    
pctest-bounces at virt1.tld      pctest-bounces    
pctest-confirm at virt1.tld      pctest-confirm    
pctest-join at virt1.tld         pctest-join    
pctest-leave at virt1.tld        pctest-leave    
pctest-owner at virt1.tld        pctest-owner    
pctest-request at virt1.tld      pctest-request    
pctest-subscribe at virt1.tld    pctest-subscribe    
pctest-unsubscribe at virt1.tld  pctest-unsubscribe    
# STANZA END: pctest 

from mm_cfg.py:
# Put YOUR site-specific settings below this line.
$SMTPHOST = virt1.tld
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'virt1.tld'
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'virt1.tld'
IMAGE_LOGOS = '/icons/'
MTA = 'Postfix'
add_virtualhost('mail.virt1.tld', 'virt1.tld')

from main.cf:
recipient_delimiter = +
unknown_local_recipient_reject_code = 550
virtual_alias_maps = mysql:/usr/local/etc/postfix/mysql_virtual_alias_maps.cf, hash:/usr/local/mailman/data/virtual-mailman

from master.cf:
(nothing MM specific)

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