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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Jul 9 13:03:24 CEST 2007

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On Jul 9, 2007, at 4:28 AM, David Lee wrote:

> I would like to register a "+1" towards at least the beginnings of  
> proper,
> multiple-domain support.  No need at all for this to be the whole  
> thing,
> but at least its basic foundations.  Even just a hidden "own-risk"
> installation option of having the listnames (and references to them)
> internally stored and processed as "listname at domain-X.com" would help.

My suggestion would be to investigate some of the unofficial patches  
that provide this, or look into using the Site.py hack for this.  The  
problem with putting something better (even as use-at-your-own-risk)  
in 2.2 is that it's a fairly fundamental change to the architecture  
of the system so it would require fairly extensive testing.  That's  
why I really want to defer this to 3.0.

> What worries me about the "fixed in the Mailman 3 dev branch" is the
> timescale.  You mention both that "2.1 is (shockingly) 4.5 years  
> old", and
> that there is "no ETA for Mailman 3.0".

Right.  I'm not ready to commit to a schedule yet, but it's basically  
all I'm working on right now.

> So with such a basic, minimal foundation (for true multiple  
> domains) in
> place, then those of us who would really like it a.s.a.p. in our  
> service
> environments (i.e. not Mailman 3) would be able to contribute to  
> building
> it, perhaps as a subproject (analogous to those you mention for
> "SQAlchemy/Elixir", archiver, "web u/i", etc.).

You can do this now.  Start an unofficial branch of Mailman 2.2,  
publish it, and contribute some code.  If you surprise me about the  
scope of the changes necessary, we can consider it for 2.2 proper.   
This would be an ideal test of the power of using Bazaar.  If you're  
interested in this, let's move the discussion over to mailman- 

> Anyway, thanks for your work over the years,and now on Mailman.  It is
> much appreciated!

My pleasure!
- -Barry

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