[Mailman-Users] HELPPPPPPPP !!!

Jeff Shepherd jeffs at tolisgroup.com
Fri Jul 13 04:01:30 CEST 2007

You may want to check how the mailing list was setup.  If it was  
setup to use digests, then depending on the digest that was setup, it  
may be an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly digest.  Meaning that X  
number of users are delivered the message at the intervals that I  

You can check this under the "Digest Options" in the Admin panel of  
the list.

Page 11 of the Admin Manual explains the Digest option in greater  
detail that, more than likely, explains it better than I just did.


On Jul 12, 2007, at 6:29 PM, balligho wrote:

> hello all..
> after warmn wlecomes I would like to say : PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP !
> I have purchased a dedicated server from godaddy.com, celeron 2000  
> 1 GB Ram
> bla bla bla .. I bought this server to host my mailing list on  
> which has
> over 45,000 subscribers which should be no problem because I'm  
> allowed to
> send 100,000 messages per day .. only me post a small daily  
> newsletter to
> the members..
> well they kinda automatically install the mailman mailing list  
> manager using
> the server's control panel, after installing, configuration, uploading
> members, all is well.. then I post to the list .. I have added like  
> 5 or 6
> test email accounts @yahoo and @gmail and @hotmail n others to test if
> mailman will deliver to these addresses or not ..
> now I'm completely blind.. the damn thing has noooooooo kind of status
> report, delivery queue... etc nothing !!! I have checked all the test
> account and didn't find my message except in 1 of them .. yet I keep
> recieving some messages to my administrator email that mailman caught
> bounces it couldn't resolve so I figured out it's still sending ..
> my question is: DOES MAILMAN TAKE OVER A DAY TO SEND TO 45,000  
> the daily
> newsletter using a small script I did in microsoft outlook to  
> automatically
> compose messages and send them n it didn't take over 5 hours each  
> day on my
> stupid computer with bad internet connection .. and how the heck I  
> can track
> what mailman's doing?? or if it delivered to all subscribers or not??
> please help ...
> Thanks..
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