[Mailman-Users] AOL's "Client TOS Notification"

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Sat Jul 14 17:00:56 CEST 2007

* Rick Pasotto <rick at niof.net>:

> I have recently been getting some of these from one of my mailing lists.

Welcome to the wonderful world of AOL retards.

> There is nothing in it (that I've been able to see) that would tell me
> who the user is that is rejecting the email. There are several AOL
> addresses subscribed but only one rejection each time a mailing goes out.

Do you use VERP to send out the mails? If you do that you can see who
the culprit is.

> 1) Have I overlooked something that would identify the user?

MAYBE the headers of the attached mail.

> 2) Why would AOL send such a useless email?

It's quite useful :)

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