[Mailman-Users] enhancement patches

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 19 03:24:15 CEST 2007

Brian Kantor wrote:

>I have a patch for mailman 2.1.9 that makes it direct
>all logging to the system syslog 'maillog'.  We have
>found this useful.
>It can be viewed at
>   http://noh.ucsd.edu/~brian/Mailman-syslog-patch
>How should I submit this patch for consideration to
>be included in a future release?

We're part way to moving to a new tracker at <http://bugs.list.org/>
but that is not yet useable and the move seems to be stalled at the
moment, so the place for patches is still the sourceforge tracker at

There are some issues with your patch. I looked at it and it seems
unnecessarily complex (or maybe just large). Why not do the whole
thing in Mailman/Logging/Syslog.py by keeping syslog as the name of
the _Syslog instance and importing the system syslog as another name?

Perhaps more importantly, logging has completely changed on the Mailman
trunk (now called the 3.0 branch) to use the Python 'logging' module
and all the Mailman/Logging/* modules are gone.

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