[Mailman-Users] searchable archive interface desired

Datatude mailman at datatude.net
Thu Jul 19 06:35:16 CEST 2007

Karl Zander wrote, On 7/18/07 3:44 PM:

>> Is there an easy way to replace the UI for the archives so that they are
>> searchable and return a hit-list of posts (preferable) or threads
>> (second best)?
> I use the patches to Mailman for ht://dig and MHonArc. ht://dig provides 
> searching.  They work OK.
> But in order to use any of these patches you must have access to the 
> Mailman source code _and_ shell access to the server with permissions to 
> compile and install code. If you are using Plesk you most likely do not 
> have this level of access and these patches will not be useful.

thanks for the response, Karl. I actually do have shell access because I 
host my domains on a VPS. However, I am only just now taking my very 
first Linux/bash baby steps, definitely a long way from being ready to 
take on the type of operation you describe. I guess I was looking for 
something as easy to administer (and as easy to customize the UI, as 
well) as phpBB (the only thing I've had the nerve to "install" thus far, 
and it certainly did not involve compiling)

Being a db application dev, tho' (strictly 4GL), if I end up making 
something nice I'll share back to the list.

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