[Mailman-Users] admin web interface is not saving changes andasksme to re-enter password

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jul 20 03:24:34 CEST 2007

Cornils, Karin wrote:
>In the packet trace, you see the Mailman send out the cookie in both the
>Firefox and IE versions, but on the return, you see the Cookie sent from
>Firefox, but don't see it sent back from IE  (Please let me know if
>sending the tcp streams to you offline would be useful).

Probably not, at least at this time.

>(I don't see
>the cookie in IE - apparently the session cookies in IE are cached in

I think that's correct.

>So it seems that something in the upgrade post-2.1.5 has some issues
>with IE, or I'm missing something in the configuration (I've tried both
>source and package installations, Apache and Apache2, getting the same

I think it may be a list config issue. Check the following:

What is the host name in the initial URL that produces the login page,
and is this constant throughout or does it change?

Look at the source of the login page and the action= parameter of the
form tag. This is normally a relative URL.

Look at the source of the admin page after login and the action=
parameter of the form tag. This should be a full URL and should be the
same URL (host name in particular) as the URL that invoked the page.
If the host names are different, IE is considering the cookie a 3rd
party cookie.

I don't know that this will reveal any problem, but let's see.

BTW, does the admindb interface work or does it have the same problem?
Have you tried running fix_url on the list (your litany of FAQs
implies you have, but just checking).

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