[Mailman-Users] where is mailman-bounces address defined?

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Jul 20 18:34:16 CEST 2007

douglas repetto wrote:

>I found the problem. The address was defined correctly in mm_config.py,
>but for some reason it was truncated in Defaults.py. I don't really
>understand the mechanism by which changes in mm_config.py are propagate
>to Defaults.py...but something went wrong!
>I edited Defaults.py and restarted MM and am monitoring our logs. So far
>I don't see any more errors.
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That makes no sense. The file you need to edit is mm_cfg.py NOT 
mm_config.py and DEFINITELY NOT Defaults.py

The values in Defaults.py are used only if not overridden by a 
corresponding value in mm_cfg.py

You DO NOT want to edit Defaults.py, it even says so in the comments 
in that file. This is because when you build and install a new 
version of Mailman, it will get overwritten.

 From Defaults.py:

# NEVER make site configuration changes to this file.  ALWAYS make them in
# mm_cfg.py instead, in the designated area.  See the comments in that file
# for details.

mm_cfg.py is where you put your site specific configuration. Only 
values appearing in Defaults.py that are listed as capable of being 
overriden will have any effect when put in mm_cfg.py

Once you do make changes to mm_cfg.py, you will need to restart 
Mailman for them to take effect. However, anything that affects list 
default settings will not propagate into any list configurations, 
they will only be used when a new list is created. If you wish to 
change them for existing lists you must do that through the web 
interface or a withlist script.


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