[Mailman-Users] No access to private archives

Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 21:27:25 CEST 2007

A problem that seems strange at the moment: I have two lists, each set up in the same way to use private archives.  Mail has been sent to both lists, and these messages are archived (as evidenced by checking the files from the shell)  In one case, however, I can access the archives through the web interface, whilst in the other case I get the message:

You don't have permission to access /pipermail/listname/ on this server.
Apache Server at www.domainname.org Port 443

This problematic list is newly created, but as I say, it is performing fine and messages are being sent/received/stored.  

This system has worked so well for the last 12 months that I've not done any mailman administration for that long - so apologies now if it's a basic error.  

Any ideas on what I can do to get web based archive access on this other list?



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