[Mailman-Users] Uncaught bounce notification - Out-of-Office

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Jul 24 16:53:03 CEST 2007

Barry Finkel writes:

 >      The attached message was received as a bounce, but either the bounce
 >      format was not recognized,

This is the relevant case here.  If the message doesn't look like an
MTA bounce, it's probably a bad idea to treat it as a bounce.  ML
admin addresses get a fair amount of spam, and often enough the spam
will contain member addresses.

 >      or no member addresses could be extracted from it.

 > Are there plans for Mailman to be able to intercept out-of-office
 > replies and ignore them?

Not worth the effort because of the variability of format, and the
high probability of false positives of the form "P.S. I'll be out of
the office next week." in a post with real content.

If you have users who use vacation programs, you probably have the
best idea of what their messages look like, and you should just catch
them in your filters with the other spam du jour.

 > The text says "or no member addresses could be extracted from it", but
 > the recipient's address is clearly in the "From:" line of the mail
 > sent back to LISTNAME-bounces.  These OOO messages should not increase
 > the recipient's bounce score.

They don't.  But if there was a setting to immediately unsubscribe and
ban users who send OOO messages to my lists, I'd use it.<0.5 wink>

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