[Mailman-Users] List Configuration Was: ImportError: No module named ldap

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jul 26 05:47:52 CEST 2007

Luke Daly wrote:
>This is going to sound really dumb. and is. Just started using mailman.
>Have quite a few large lists all moderated by different people
>(academics at university so limited user ability) Basically i want to
>create a generic setup and have all new lists have this setup. Or if
>possible a few basic setups (i.e. no posting to newsletter etc) Also I'm
>attempting to change one of my lists to be so only moderators can post
>to. I think i must be broken i just cant find how to do it.

for configuring an 'only moderators can post list.

For 'generic setup', configure a prototype list and write its
configuration with

  bin/config_list -o

Then delete the list specific stuff like real_name, owner, moderator,
description, subject_prefix, etc from the result and use that as input

  bin/config_list -i

to tailor similar lists after creating them.

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