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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sun Jul 29 10:31:02 CEST 2007

On 7/28/07, Mike Grothem wrote:

>  I have the website www.sevensorrows.com <http://www.sevensorrows.com/>  and
>  it is hosted through superuser.net. I am going to transfer to a new host,
>  but I am afraid of losing your service and all of my contacts.

We do not run superuser.net.  We have no knowledge of how your 
systems are set up with your provider.

If you have any mailing lists that are hosted with the mailing list 
management system known as Mailman, we may be able to provide some 
advice in how you can copy your list configuration and subscription 
information to a new provider, but a lot of those sorts of things 
assume that you have direct privileged command-line access to the 
server where Mailman is running, and based on your description you 
almost certainly don't have that.  There are some things that can be 
done with just the web interface, but that may not be enough to meet 
all your desires and needs.

I think you need to talk to both your old and your new provider, and 
see if they can help you with transitioning all your services over. 
If the reason you are transferring to a new provider is that you've 
been having problems with the old one, then the old provider may not 
be very helpful in terms of getting your data copied over, so you 
might want to talk to your new provider first.

But we don't run the systems at either place, so there's nothing we 
can do to help you with this process.

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