[Mailman-Users] Mail from GioMBG > Move and rename a list to new hostname and rebuilt old archive into new-list-name

Gio MBG Canepa (root) root at home.mbg.it
Fri Jun 8 03:32:36 CEST 2007

Hi All!
It's GioMBG from 9Records.com writing
(a very happy mailman user)
The question:
I have built now my new fedora moonshine and I have changed the host name:
from > home.mbg.it > to > home.9records.com
I woul like to rename my old list > 9records > to > mailman
so to do email to list like > mailman at home.9records.com
many thanks 2 all and 
BIG Respect to Mark Sapiro
Giò "MBG" Canepa - E Mail: mbg a mbg.it
Phone & Fax +39 0541 985 737 - Mobile +39 393 33 567 07
http://www.mbg.it | http://www.9Records.com
Snail mail P.O. Box 59 / 47838 Riccione Italy

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