[Mailman-Users] removed subcribers still there

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Jun 9 01:36:47 CEST 2007

On 6/8/07, Juan Miscaro wrote:

>  Nevertheless, my mail logs continue to show sending attempts to the
>  removed addresses.

It sounds to me like those messages were already delivered by Mailman 
to your MTA, and your MTA is continuing to try to deliver those 

>  As expected, when I search for the recipients I see in my mail logs I
>  do not find them:
>  $ find_member .*\@example.com$

They may be listed as local subscribers without a domain portion. 
Try doing a "find_member" based on the user portion of the name.

That's assuming that you've got new messages that are still coming 
out of Mailman and being delivered to the MTA, for these customers.

This could also be a problem with mail forwarding.  If you turn on 
personalization, the return address for each outgoing message will 
have the original recipient name encoded in it, and that can help you 
figure out where the messages are originally being addressed.

>  What's happening?  I am running Mailman 2.1.8 on OpenBSD 4.0 with
>  Postfix 2.3.2.

You might want to upgrade to Mailman 2.1.9, since there was a known 
security vulnerability with version 2.1.8.

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