[Mailman-Users] does mailman filter

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 9 03:52:30 CEST 2007

Media Alliance JobFile wrote:

>I have been sending an email to my list with the same subject, and it 
>does not go to "pending moderator requests."

Do you have access to Mailman's logs? If so, check Mailman's vette log.

Also see
for general troubleshooting.

>I have tried about 10 times, and I am thinking it might be blocking me 
>because it thinks I am spamming.  Is this a possibility?

Yes, see Privacy options...->Spam filters in the list's admin interface.

>My email is a job list, so it probably contains many spammy elements, 
>like repetition and similar format.  It is mostly plaintext with a bold 
>here and there.  Any help is appreciated.

Mailman's spam filtering is based only on headers, not body contents,
although it is possible the list's Content filtering is deleting all
the message body parts, e.g. if the post is an HTML only message and
the list doesn't accepot text/html parts.

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