[Mailman-Users] Custom verify.txt has Wrong Content-Type

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 21 17:16:38 CEST 2007

Bryan Carbonnell wrote:

>I have created a custom verify.txt for one of my lists, that is
>bilingual, English & Chinese.
>It is in $PREFIX/lists/<list-name>/en
>It goes out just fine, but the MIME Content-Type is wrong for this
>file to be read properly. It has a charset of us-ascii.
>Is there anyway to change it to utf-8 easily or do I need to change
>the source code somewhere?

This is not the normal way to handle a bilingual list. For discussion,
I'm going to use 'zh-CN - Chinese (China)' but it could just as well
be 'zh-TW - Chinese (Taiwan)', 'fr - French' or any other language for
which there is a Mailman translation.

First make sure that the desired language, Chinese (China) is checked
in available_languages ont the Language options page in the admin

Then when a user requests subscription via the web, the user can
specify Chinese (China) as their preferred language and they will
receive the zh-CN version of verify.txt rather than the en version.
You can still make a list specific template in english in
and chinese in $PREFIX/lists/<list-name>/zh-CN if the default template
isn't suitable for the list.

If you really want to make the english template bilingual and the
charset utf-8, you can change the charset for english. In general,
changing the charset can be problematic because the charset in which
the language messages and templates are encoded may not be compatible
with the new charset, but changing english to utf-8 should be OK as
utf-8 is a superset of the default us-ascii.

To make this specific change, put

add_language('en', 'English (USA)', 'utf-8')

in mm_cfg.py and restart Mailman.

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