[Mailman-Users] Message failures

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 23 06:44:35 CEST 2007

Daniel D Jones wrote:
>Messages are coming into the list.  I receive the messages in my mailbox, 
>located on the same server.  (Both my address and the list address are 
>@riddlemaster.org addresses.)  However, none of the other list members are 
>receiving mail.  Checking the mailman/post logs, I see a great deal of this:
>Jun 22 17:42:59 2007 (2503) post to listname from rvh40 at xxxxx.com, size=3715, 
>message-id=<6019BB4F-A03B-4CD3-93BF-1B58FD917B49 at xxxxx.com>, 16 failures
>Jun 22 20:22:59 2007 (2503) post to listname from rex at yyyyy.com, size=1920, 
>message-id=<20070623002827.GI4853 at yyyyy.com>, 16 failures
>Jun 22 21:15:55 2007 (13367) post to listname from ddjones at riddlemaster.org, 
>size=1481, message-id=<200706222124.18534.ddjones at riddlemaster.org>, 16 
>(List members email addresses obscured.)  There are 17 addresses subbed to the 
>list, including mine.  So it appears that my email address is succeeding but 
>all of the rest are failing.  I don't find any errors or related entries in 
>any of the qmail logs.

What is in Mailman's smtp-failure log?  Since failures are reported to
Mailman at SMTP time, I'd say qmail is not accepting the other 16
recipients. The smtp-failure log should give more detail on the
reason. I don't know why qmail wouldn't log this somewhere too.

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