[Mailman-Users] announcements only: setting?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Jun 23 19:58:12 CEST 2007

Chuck Puckett wrote
>I changed list_post_header to NO, and that stopped the rampant replies, etc.
>Also, the copier forgot to set me as mod on my entry in the list, so my
>apology emailed got bounced. I set my mod bit on, and resent the apology,
>but it doesn't seem to have gone out. At least neither I nor my wife
>received it.

I'm confused. If anything, you would want moderation set Off for you,
not On, and On for everyone else.

>What exactly are the settings to make a list "announcements-only" and to
>make sure I can still post? Thanks

for our suggestions.

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