[Mailman-Users] Member only list?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Jun 27 05:35:35 CEST 2007

L. H. wrote:
>> The problem is the list is not explicitly addressed in the To: or Cc:
>> headers of the post.
>That was it. Since the rackstar system is designed for virtual hosting, I
>made it so each list gets a unique name. So that multiple sites can have a
>list called "info". Rackstar will internally name them 53-info and 69-info,
>I did setup aliases to forward info at domain.com to 53-info at domain.com
>But, apparently, it did not take. How do I make it so it does take that?

The alias works to direct the envelope to the desired address, but it
doesn't rewrite the contents of the To: header in the post. Your MTA
may be able to do that or it may not.

Given your situation, I think the easiest solution is to just set
require_explicit_destination off.

>Next up:
>1) OPEN List
># Set misc settings
>generic_nonmember_action = 0
>default_member_moderation = no
>subscribe_policy = 0
>max_message_size = 50
>reply_goes_to_list = 1
>---> NO verification required, but does need mod approval for subscribing
>---> STILL requires mod approval of the message (non member)

And what is the reason for which the message is held?

>3) CLOSED (all posts req mod approval)
># Set misc settings
>default_member_moderation = yes
>member_moderation_action = 1
>member_moderation_notice = 'Sorry, subscribers cannot post to this list.'
>generic_nonmember_action = 1
>subscribe_policy = 2
>max_message_size = 50
>reply_goes_to_list = 1
>---> MEMBER POSTS: Messages are PROCESSED, not held for approval.
>---> NON MEMBER POST: Approval. So this is good.
>---> MOD APPROVAL required for subscribing. Good.
>Etc etc.
>So I guess I am asking, (and god I've googled!!), how do I, using
>config_list, create the following scenario's
>1) EVERYONE can post to the list. Members or non menmers
>2) only members can post
>3) any message, member or no member, requires mod approva.

This (1-3) was your question in the original post in this thread. The
settings you indicated in that post (see, e.g.
are appropriate for what you want.

As we now see, there was a special circumstance in your installation
which caused posts to be held for implicit destination.

We can't anticipate all these things which is why when a post is
unexpectedly held, we need to know the reason why it is being held.

This reason is available in the 'your message is held for approval'
notice to the poster, in the notice to the moderator, in the admindb
interface and in Mailman's vette log.

So for what reason is the post held? Tell us that, and we can tell you
what to change.

>4) anyone can sign up, no verification or approval required.
>5) verification required, no approval required
>6) verification + approval required

4-6 are tricky because they depend on the mm_cfg.py setting if any for


in mm_cfg.py, the config_list settings for subscribe_policy for cases
4-6 are respectively 0, 1 and 3. If you don't have


in mm_cfg.py, the settings for subscribe_policy for cases 5 and 6 are
respectively 0 and 2, and case 4 cannot be set via subscribe_policy.
Case 4 can be set via

mlist.subscribe_policy = 0

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