[Mailman-Users] Taboo body?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 28 07:31:27 CEST 2007

Brad Knowles wrote:

>On 6/27/07, Mark J. Bradakis wrote:
>>  I've poked around a bit in various list related archives, but haven't found
>>  a definitive answer.  Has anyone implemented some sort of add-on, filter
>>  or whatever to give mailman something like the majordomo
>>  'global taboo body' rejection capability?  All the predefined content
>>  filters seem to just pass or delete attachments, and not actually work on
>>  basic message body text.  Will I have to just roll my own?
>The spam filters give you the ability to do full-blown Python regular 
>expressions, and take any of various different actions on the message 
>as a result -- reject, hold for moderation, discard, whatever.
>Is that not sufficient?

Probably not. He's asking if anyone has implemented the ability to
match on the message body. The spam filters only match on the headers.

Implementation of a custom handler to take action on a message based on
pattern matches on the message body would not be difficult, but I
don't know if anyone has done it. I have vague recollections of prior
list posts about this, but it seems like Mark has searched the
archives and not found anyone who has done it.

A custom handler could emulate the code in SpamDetect.py, but walk the
message parts and collect the payloads of the text parts instead of
the part headers. See
for information on implementing custom handlers.

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