[Mailman-Users] Simple way to change archive settings

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 28 20:13:24 CEST 2007

Pat Riehecky wrote:

>I know that this falls under the withlist command, but I am not really
>python savvy so....
>How exactly would I go about deleting the archives for about 15 lists
>and setting their archive attributes to off?

Actually, withlist is not the best tool for this. It is most easily
done in a shell script that processes a few commands for each list. If
the 15 lists are all the lists in the installation, you can get their
names in the shell script from

  `bin/list_lists --bare`

Otherwise, you could read the 15 names from a file.

To set archiving off, you just do

  bin/config_list -i file $list

where file contains the single line

archive = 0

and $list contains the list name. To remove the existing archives you
can do

  rm -rf archives/private/${list}/*
  rm -f archives/private/${list}.mbox/${list}.mbox
  rm -f archives/public/${list}.mbox

You may or may not want to leave a stub index.html file in
archives/private/${list}/ to say something about the list not having

You may or may not want to do

  rm -f archives/private/${list}

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